What does it cost?

It should be simple and not cost you dearly to get professional legal help. The funding of your case can take different forms. Destan will help you find the financing channel that best suits you. Here we present an overview of various funding channels. For estimates for your case, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Insurance or legal aid

Primarily, Destan will investigate your options to fund your case by your insurances (eg home insurance). Alternatively, Destan will investigate your options to fund your case through the legal aid authority. We supply the applications free of charge.

When you have to pay the fees

If you can’t finance your case by your insurance or the legal authorities, you will be responsible for the financing yourself. Destan will provide estimates to you specifying our fee. In the final cost of the bill you will see what you pay for and what we have done in your case. If necessary we can assist you with a payment plan.

Public counsel or public defenders

In certain types of legal cases, the state pays the fee. In these cases, we are your general counsel or public defenders, depending on the case. It can for example be of migration cases, LVU / LVM and criminal cases. We’ll help you to appoint us as your public defender or public defender for free. We are listed with the authorities and courts as a recognized law firm.

Regardless of how the financing is done, we will work with diligence, commitment and focus on results for the success of your case.