Permanent residence permit due to children is granted even though the father is in Sweden without a residence permit for 13 years

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Destan Lawfirm has successfully assisted a client named “Ali” who had come to Sweden for the first time in year 2003. Ali had not been granted a residence permit for 13 years despite several attempts with various lawyers and even though he had a daughter in Sweden who was born in year 2003 and was 13 years old when Ali sought Destan Lawfirm for help and legal guidance.

According to Swedish immigration law, Ali must as a main rule return to his country of residence and, in his country of residence, submit his application for a residence permit and wait for a residence permit. However, there are exceptions to this main rule as we helped Ali to highlight and argued for his case.

We helped Ali by carefully investigating his 13 year old case and made a list of points that Ali was responsible for explaining or proving to the Migration Board. Point by point, we corrected the errors in support of our scientific and experience-based working method. Our starting point was the right to family life contained in Article 8 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR). The final result became a permanent residence permit, which is the prerequisite for Ali to continue living family life with her daughter.

Ali got a permanent residence permit in Sweden 2017-10-06 related to his daughter without having to leave Sweden.

It was very pleasing and Ali could be reunited with his daughter who is genuinely happy.

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