Get faster decisions by the Swedish Migration Board if you have waited more than six months

Have you applied for a residence permit and think that the Migration Board’s decision takes too long time?

If it has been more than six months since you submitted your application for a residence permit or Swedish citizenship, you can apply for the Migration Board to make a decision.

Please note that you can only try this one time! Therefore, it is important that you first make sure that your application is complete. If you request a decision in a case that is not complete, you will not get a quick decision, because there are missing documents that the Migration Board needs and the case is incomplete.

In some cases, a person may request in writing that the authority decide the matter urgently. In order to be able to submit such a request, six months must have elapsed from the time the person’s case began (you filled in a application). The Migration Board shall then, within 4 weeks, either decide on the matter to which the request relates or refuse the request. The form to be used to request a case is available in English (form number: 271011).

You can fill out the form and submit it yourself. It does not cost anything. Just be sure to check that you have already submitted all the documents the Migration Board needs to be able to make decisions before you request priority!

Destan Lawfirm does not help filling out this application – it is too simple. But if you have questions, we can of course answer as long as possible, email your question to

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