If a person has a re-entry ban issued by the Migration Board, special reason is required in connection with the application for a work permit, since a residence permit can only be granted if the re-entry ban is first lifted by the Migration Board. For this reason, the Migration Board needs to know the reasons why the re-entry ban should be lifted. The Migration Board normally considers that a time-limited residence permit and employment do not form a strong connection with Sweden that it alone can constitute special reasons for repealing a re-entry ban. The Migration Board must always give you the opportunity to put forward your specific reasons for the repeal of the re-entry ban.

Compare the Migration Supreme Court’s decision on August 10, 2017 in MIG 2017: 16 (Case No. UM 4516-16). When considering whether to repeal a re-entry ban, a comprehensive assessment of the circumstances of the individual case should be made where the interest in maintaining the travel ban may be weighed against a person’s interest in entering Sweden. In the assessment, the circumstances that led to a travel ban have been announced and, in the case of rejection with immediate enforcement, the person’s actions after the decision should be given significance.

Keywords: re-entry ban, travel ban to Sweden, work permit