We are proud to announce that we have assisted our client to reunify with family members in Sweden.

Julie has been living in Sweden for ten years while her mother Khale was living in a country in Central Asia. In this country, women cannot live without a male support.

Khales male support disappeared and her son whom worked for the police was killed in a brutal attack. Thus Khale escaped her country from a certain death and to reunify with her only living relative, her daughter in Sweden.

But Khale stuck in Greece when she arrived there and according to the Dublin Regulations, Greece was responsible for the trial of her asylum case.

Khale requested that Greece contacted Sweden for a transfer but Sweden refused to take charge of Khales application for asylum referring to the Dublin Regulation.

From that point, we were contacted by Julie to assist her mother. We requested, trough Greece, that Sweden reconsider its decision and we helped Greece with a statement that was sent to Sweden.

After 18 days, Sweden changed the decision and took charge of Khales asylum case with reference to article 16 in Dublin Regulation, as we have suggested and argued for.

If you have question regarding Dublin Regulation, please contact us and we will do our best to increase your chances to success.